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Hello! One important component of Tradesmen’s safety program and culture is providing access to safety training, including monthly Toolbox Talks. Please note, monthly safety toolbox talks will now be emailed to you and housed in EmployeeConnect under the Toolbox Talk tab. Tradesmen encourages you to take a moment to review each month’s topic. You can choose to acknowledge reviewing the toolbox talk by simply clicking the Agree button in the email itself or go to the Toolbox Talk section of EmployeeConnect. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Tradesmen field office.


You are not required to review the toolbox talks electronically, and toolbox talks will continue to be given at the jobsite, depending on the circumstances, along with safety instructions from our clients.  In addition, if you ever feel that you are being asked to work in unsafe conditions or without adequate safety equipment or training, please inform your client supervisor and Tradesmen representative immediately. 


Thank you and Be safe!